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Event Selection - How does it work?
Event Selection happens in two phases; the first is an automated batch process which will try to get you some of the events you're interested in, and the second phase is a live interaction with all of the events to fully finalize your event schedule.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to submit a ticket at, or send us an email at

Phase 1 - Event Preselection

For the first phase, which we're calling Event Preselection, will close at the end of December.  In this phase, you'll have the ability to select up to 20 events that you're interested in attending, and they will be placed in a ranked order that you set.  The events you are most interested in attending should be set near the top (Rank 1).  

Once Event Preselection closes, the system will then go through and try to assign you up to 8 of your selected events to give you a good strong start on your schedule for the convention.  The system will not provide alternate (waiting list) tickets in the assignment - any ticket provided to an attendee would be a guaranteed seat at the table.  During the assignment, the system will skip over time slots you already received an event for.  As an example:
Rank Time Title (Available Tickets)
1 FRI14-16 Settlers of Catan 3
2 SUN10-12 Paperback 0
3 FRI12-18 Twilight Imperium 2
4 FRI16-18 Artemis: Man the Bridge 1
5 SUN10-12 Takenoko 4
If the above was an attendee's selection, the system would provide the attendee with tickets to Settlers of Catan, Artemis: Man the Bridge and Takenoko.  

Twilight Imperium is not given to the attendee because the ticket of Settlers of Catan would provide a conflict as both of the games are running at the same time, and since Settlers of Catan is ranked higher, the system knows that this game is more important to the attendee.  

Paperback is not provided to the attendee even though it's higher on the list because the system sees that there are no available tickets left, so when the system assigns Takenoko to the attendee, there are no conflicts.  

The number of Available tickets isn't something that we'll be able to provide while making your selection since no tickets are assigned until the beginning of January.

  • Why only 8 Events?  
We decided on 8 events as that allows many people to schedule a full convention while not blocking out all of the events so others can also snag a few.
  • How can I increase the likelihood of getting the games I want?  
To increase your chances of getting into events, you can register as a Judge and submit events before our Judge Premium cut-off (usually early September) which will give you a boost in the Event Preselection assignment.  The other way you can increase your chances of getting the games you want during preselection is to register early!

Phase 2 - Live Selection

The second phase will allow you to see all of the events that the system has automatically assigned you based on your preselection as well as allow you to add new events, or give back your ticket on events you currently have assigned.  At this time, there is no priority system - everyone will have access to select events to fill up their schedule in a first come, first served basis.  This phase is set to close towards the end of January.

During this phase you'll be able to see what events are still open, which ones only have alternate (waiting list) tickets, and which ones are fully sold out; think of it as an online shopping cart.  You'll not be able to select events which would cause a scheduling conflict (having tickets for multiple games running at the same time), even if they are alternate tickets.  If you change your mind on an event and decide you no longer want it, you can remove it from your assignments allowing another person to grab the ticket, and freeing up that time slot for you to select a new event.

To start with, you'll see your current schedule for the convention.  The system will block out time slots you're busy because you already have a ticket, or you're the primary coordinator of a game (ie. hosting an event for others):

If you want to add in more events, simply click the Select button at the start time you're looking for and you'll be brought to a new screen to select events that start at that time.  On this page, you'll see if an event is available (white), alternates only (yellow) or sold out (red) as well as the number of slots still available for selection, so you can work with your friends and coordinate your schedules.  
Clicking the Add button will bring the event to your schedule:.
If you decide you no longer want to participate in an event, simply click the Release button and your ticket goes back into the pool for another attendee to pick up and enjoy.

The events assigned and viewable on this schedule are the events you'll be getting tickets for as you show up to pick up your preregistration packet which we hope you all can appreciate.

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