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What are your GM policies?
GM Policies

By registering as a Judge or Referee at Con of the North you agree to abide by these policies:

  • Be courteous and polite to all attendees.
  • Prepare for your event before the convention.
  • Begin and end your game on time. Your event duration must include any additional setup and cleanup time. We recommend wrapping up your game 10-15 minutes before the end time to allow players to go to their next game. Tables must be surrendered at the end of the time slot to allow the next event to begin.
  • You must verify that all players have a valid badge to participate in your game(s). They must be wearing a current year Con of the North Player, Judge, or Vendor badge to play in your game. A Guide to Badges is included in your registration packet.
  • You may not charge additional fees for your event without prior authorization from the convention. If your event requires an extra charge (e.g.: a sealed-deck CCG tournament, for example) then include that information in the Special Requests section when submitting your event.
  • Monetary transactions are only allowed by registered vendors of the convention.
  • Your event must be approved by Con of the North. No ticketing or scheduling of players that occurs outside of Con of the North’s ticketing system will be permitted.
  • Avoid unnecessary profanity, descriptions of violence, or other conduct which may offend attendees.
  • Avoid excessive noise or other activities that may disrupt other games.
  • If any players are not abiding by the Code of Conduct or Harassment Policy, please notify the nearest Con of the North staff member.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

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